Schema Registry

Confluent Schema Registry support

There is also support for Confluent Schema Registry. At the moment json-schema, avro-generic and avro are all supported.

To use Confluent Schema registry you need first to fill the provided example with the needed link and user/pwd:


then use the --schema and the --serializer flags

Example usage:

jr run user -o kafka -t topic1 -s --serializer avro-generic


jr run net_device -o kafka -t topic2 -s --serializer json-schema

Remember that once you run these commands, topic1 will be associated with an avro generic schema representing an user object, and topic2 with a json-schema representing a net_device object. You can manage/evolve the schemas directly into Confluent Cloud

Using JR to pipe data to KCAT

Another simple way of streaming to Apache Kafka is to use kcat in conjunction with JR. JR supports kcat out of the box. Using the --kcat flag the standard output will be formatted with K,V on a single line.

--kcat it’s a shorthand equivalent for --output stdout --outputTemplate '{{.K}},{{.V}}' --oneline

jr run -k '{{randoms "ONE|TWO|THREE"}}' -f 1s -d 5s net_device --kcat | kcat -F kafka/ -K , -P -t test