JR Configuration

JR can be configured via a json file called jrconfig.json. This file could be everywhere in the $PATH, in current dir (.) or in the $JR_HOME directory. $JR_HOME defaults to $HOME/.jr but can easily be changed setting an environment variable:

JR_HOME=~/jrconfig/ jr template list

jrconfig has a global section and an emitter section

  "global": {
    "seed": -1,
    "templateDir": "$HOME/.jr/templates",
    "kafkaConfig": "./kafka/config.properties",
    "schemaRegistry": true,
    "registryConfig": "./kafka/registry.properties",
    "serializer": "json-schema",
    "autoCreate": true,
    "redisTtl": "1m",
    "redisConfig": "./redis/config.json",
    "mongoConfig": "./mongoDB/config.json",
    "elasticConfig": "./elastic/config.json",
    "s3Config": "./s3/config.json",
    "url": ""

The global section contains basic general configuration for JR, which can be overridden by corresponding flags with the jr template run command